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City of Wahoo


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City of Wahoo Utilities to Implement AMI

Project Overview

The City of Wahoo Utilities will be moving from manual meter reading to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for residential electricity, water, and gas utilities.

  • AMI includes technologies such as “smart meters” that accurately and securely enable two-way information between customers and the utilities while providing real-time consumption data.
  • By switching to AMI, Wahoo Utilities will gather timely utility data to better understand community usage patterns and establish a utility of the future.
  • The transition from manual meter reading to AMI is part of normal Wahoo Utilities operations and will have no direct cost to customers.

Upgrading from manual meter reading to AMI will improve utility management, allowing customers and Wahoo Utilities to make better informed decisions.

Faster response to outages and water meter leaks Timely access to more utility data
More effiicient billing resolutions Lower operational costs and improved customer satisfaction
Saving money through energy efficient initiatives Ability to remotely disconnect utilities

Wahoo Utilities will begin a four-year rollout plan in 2021 to replace or retrofit residential utility meters. 

  • All homes within Wahoo city limits will have their electricity, water, and gas meters updated to AMI.
  • City representatives will coordinate with homeowners prior to updating water and gas meters within homes.
  • The installation process will be rolled out by billing cycle (about one-fourth of the community each phase).


For more information about the AMI process, click here for a fact sheet. More information will be available as implementation gets closer.